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well i think  that it depends on what you have played with and what you learnt off of. I have only played Terraria on the pc and am getting my first smart phone on the first so that's why i asked about the phone. another thing I would like to state is that I would love to be a helper/assistant to gameiki for Terraria and be able to pump out things like the buttons i mentioned in my previous post. so as far as the posting for future uds I did not know even if they have one. I was simply putting in my two cents.

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what are your plans for Terraria: other world, if anything at all, or will you only stick with terraria and just go to 1.3, also will you do any work for the phone ver. of terraria. finaly two buttons that I would like to see a boss button, spawn x amount of x boss, and a clean up world/ dirty world button that makes the world pure or gives it all corruption, hallow, crimson. I ask for the clean button because i am tired of trying to clean the mess of the light and dark crap after killing tWoF

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ya even if chuklefish has a mod i would rather get it from gameiki, i can at least trust them to provide a good mod that is easy to use and understand.