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Hey all

/Story time

My brother and I went to have some fun in multiplayer with this mid, hoping we could have creative on, boy were we dissapointed, our expectation wast met at all, I had tried the mod in singleplayer and had some good fun creating a costum paladin loadout, hoping to be able to do something like it with my brother

/Story time over

The suggestion is pretty simple, allow for a creative mode for multiplayer.

To balance it all out, you could make it so it's only possible if the host has allowed it with his mod, or something like that :) (You're the modders you know how to balance shit the best)

Reson behind the suggestion is, that personally I think creative mod is one of the funniest features of this mod, so why not impliment it in multiplayer so people can do naked runs on bosses, just to see how it goes? :)