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Welcome To Well Shit, I mean Boss Battleon A Series Where We Fight Different Bosses From Different Games.

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In This Episode we Fight King Slime, and beat him in 2 minutes, what an easy boss Enough though i died. Lol, Next We Fight Skeleton Where His we Take Down His Arms With Some Assistance, And I fight The Brain Of Cthulhu for the first time and destroy him without realizing it

Music By Kevin MacLeod, "Who Likes To Party"

3 Bosses In 9 Minutes O_o

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created in Terraria / Discussion


Welcome To My New Series Called Boss Battleon In This Series I Fight different bosses in different games. So It's not the same game every video.

In This Episode I Fight the Eater Of Worlds And The Eye Of Cthulhu. Though my recording for Eater Of World Got Messed up Twice i did Eye Of Cthulhu in one Shot, In Sort of A Suprising and unexpected turn of events. 

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Music By Kevin MacLeod.