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While playing 1.0.15 I've run into a few bugs that I do not recall experiencing before:

1) On a few islands, so far it's just been two town islands, there appears to be an invisible wall somewhere on the left side of the island.  When my captain or crew leaves the ship, they are stuck to the left of this wall.  If you click to the right of this barrier they will refuse to move.  With my captain I can click closer and closer to the wall and can get him right up next to it, but there is no way to pass it.

The first time this happened my captain and crew had actually gone onto the island to the tavern on the island's right side.  Then this mystery barrier appeared and nobody could get back to the ship.  Fortunately, this was on an island.  Saving and loading the game would put my pirates back on the ship and they could leave.

2) Lazy cannon shooters: For some reason, my crew decided that cannons weren't fun anymore.  During a ship encounter they will head to the cannons, load them, and then just stand there.  They refuse to fire and then time runs out.  I was able to slightly fix the problem by removing the cannons while docked and then adding them again.  Currently, only one of my four cannons is being used.

3) Poop frenzy: This isn't actually new to 1.0.15 and is less of an issue than 1 or 2.  Most of my crew have the cleaning skill and currently I have a three level ship.  Animals in the lowest level, most pirate services and food on the mid level, and deck and a small deck house on top.  When somebody poops, everybody rushes towards it even though only one can carry it away.  Whoever gets it often does a lot of wandering before they manage to make it to the deck's edge.  This part seems to be a path finding issue more than anything.

4) Unused items: I don't know if this is a bug or not, but I have yet to see any pirate ever make use of the "medicine bottle" or the "playing cards".  I've tried putting the medicine on the floor in a well trafficked area and I've tried putting the cards on top of a table, but nothing seems to help.  The spare swords, on the other hand, seem to work great.  I've got several of them on the ship and the pirates use them all the time.

Thanks for a great game!

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First, I'm enjoying the new factions and balancing that came with the 1.0.15 patch.  Very nice.  After many hours of playing, I have a couple of suggestions:

1)  It quickly becomes annoying to need to keep switching a pirates weapon between his regular weapon and a fishing rod, then back again when danger approaches, then back for fishing, etc.  It would be nice to have, for example, the ability to tell a pirate (or group) to fish and let them grab an available fishing rod.  Or, a pirate could have an alternate weapon slot and a button to swap the two.

The same is true for using the shovel.  The dig button should cause the captain to equip a shovel, if available, dig, then switch back to his regular weapon.

2) There are a number of skills which are useful only to the captain and others which are mostly useful for the crew.  Other than trial and error, there doesn't seem to be an easy way to tell them apart.  For example, "Treasure Hunter" improves the loot you get from digging.  You can teach a pirate this skill, but it seems to do nothing but occupy a skill slot.

Keep up the great work!