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awsome starbound on gameiki

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it doesnt work =P when i instal it says failed to instal ... i folowed each step , i have windows 7...

Use a tablet like the kindle to download

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Gameiki Mod 2.0 Beta for Terraria

UPDATE: Gamikie Mod Installer has been discontinued.  See Below

Gameiki Terraria Mod is a collection of mods to help make your Terraria experience a better one.


In Game Wiki Support
Need to know what an item does or how to defeat a boss.  With in game wiki support you can click on any item in the world and get it's corresponding wiki page in your default browser.

Creative Mode
Get access to every item in the game for all of your creative needs.  Build and destroy blocks at blazing speeds and quickly move around the map to make your ideas come to life faster than ever.

Inventory Manager
Quickly clean your inventory and chests with the ability to stack and sort items.  Quickly move items between inventory and chests by holding a modifier key and clicking the item.  Binds the 'Quick Stack' function to a key stroke.


In Game Wiki Support
Hold the alt key and click on any item in the world, this will take you to that items page.  You can also click on items in your inventory, equipped items, and enemies.

Creative Mode
Creative mode buttons are located at the bottom of your screen and look like this.
Note that all tools are not available unless you are an admin in mulitplayer.
The tool you get in multiplayer is determined by the admin.

  • The hammer icon will open open up the Item browser
  • The wings will enable free cam mode.  In this mode the camera is detached form the player, use the arrow keys to control the cameras position.  Hold shift to increase the camera's move speed.  Right click anywhere to teleport your character to the cursor position.  This mode works well with increased block reach mode allowing you to build anywhere.
  • The sun icon makes it noon and pauses time.  Click it again to resume time.
  • The moon icon makes it midnight and pauses time.  Click it again to resume time.
  • The slime icon toggle enemies.  Clicking it will kill all enemies on the map and disable enemy spawning.  Click it again to re-enable enemy spawning
  • The trashcan icon clears all items on the ground.  Useful if you are mining through areas your character cannot reach
  • The toolbelt icon will make it so you can place and destroy blocks from any distance. It also makes it so you can place and destroy them at super speeds.

Capture the Flag

New to Gameiki Mod 2.0 is a capture the flag game mode.  You must be in a multiplayer server that is hosted with a Gameikie server to play.  More info to come

Using the item browser
Click the hammer icon when your inventory is open to bring up the item browser.  Simply click on an item to get a full stack of it.  You can choose categories and search for items using the search bar.

Inventory Manager


Direct Download

Gameiki Mod Server Beta:

Install Instructions

  • Download Gameiki Mod From the link above.
  • Right click Terraria and click 'Properties'
  • Go to the 'Local Files' tab and click 'Browse Local Files'
  • A file explorer with your Terraria directory will show up on screen.
  • Move the Terraria.exe that came in the zip file and put it in your Terraria directory
  • Open Terraria through Steam

Uninstall Instructions

  • Open Steam and navigate to Terria in you game library.
  • Right click Terria and click 'Properties'
  • Go to the 'Local Files' and click 'Verify Integrity of Game Cache'
  • Done.

Gameiki Mod Installer Discontinuation

Many of you have been having problems with the Mod Installer.  Fixing it would cost valuable development time so we decided to discontinue it.  You can now you the direct download install method.  You can uninstall Gameiki Mod installer now. Thank you for your understanding.

Starting a Game Server

See the thread in the link above for starting a server.

Change Log

   Fixed a variety of CTF bugs.
   Tile stats now get restored after the conclusion of a CTF match
   Gravestones don't drop during CTF matches
   New option to disable Terrain Modification in CTF
   Can now Save and Load your CTF settings
   Updated for Terraria
   Fixed bug where players would lose prefixes on their items after being returned to them when a game of CTF had concluded.
   Disabled Host & Play
   Fixed Crash on opening map in mulitplayer when on non Gameiki server.
   Fixed Spectator Mode bugs/crashes
   Fixed CTF settings bug
   Fixed crash when starting CTF
   Major Update.
   Added mulitplayer support
   Added Capture the Flag
   New Keybinding System
   New UI For Gameiki Mod Tools
   Fixed bug where game would crash on start when trying to disable Creative Mode
   Gave tools on the left side of the screen it's own category "Misc Tools"
   Updated for Terraria
    Fixed not being able to interact with NPCs and signs when in infinite block reach mode.  You can now interact with them from any distance when in infinite block reach mode.
    Fixed debug feature in Wiki mod where pressing 'G' makes it day time. 
    Added Control Time of Day collapse bar
    Added collapse bar tooltips
    Fixed collapse bar bugs
    Removed time control button from creative buttons (now in collapse bar)
    Fixed FlyCam and Teleportation in Creative Mode
    Added rain options to a second collapse bar
    Added NPC spawner on left of side of the screen.
    Bugs: Teleportation and FlyCam is broken.

How do you get  capture the flag