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I haven't found 1 single Plantera bulb on the PC version of Terraria!

PLEASE make it more easy!!!

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Plantera's bulb is SO hard to find on PC!

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for some reason the game thought i clicked f1 so it activated the cheats for no reason. then i tryed selecting my pirate group which is 3

and it shot a cannonball at myself and i almost died.

even though i presses 3 it still didnt select my pirate group!!! PLease HeLp


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lol my character just said to horke "My father knew your father!"


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Nevermind i bought it


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I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO GET A PIXEL PIRACY COPY!!! I saw HERO play it and i LOVED IT! I also play Terraria.

This game looks awesome!

My steam name is nicholasnick777  :