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You can set your own pirates to fight different ways than charging into battle .

They can be set to melee (charging in to battle) , range ( use ranged items and keeps distance) , stay at ship ( could use cannons as well).

this will make it easy'er to use your team to do different assignments during battle.

i prefer that the ranged allies should keep distance but also not fall off the map that could be a problem  

that's my suggestion because i want to have more teamwork with my pirates then having them to die one by one 

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I suggest that when you start a new character you can edit the way they look . 
You can also edit your crews looks ( only hair and cloths )

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Quote from: @ Cowamundo
 I have the same problem but its probably because you saved/quit while your crew was grappling and half of them will load in water due to they er positions :( they need to fix it

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the updates were good lately but  every time i encounter some other pirates my crew will not grapple they  just fall off (only happens on hostile ships ) . 

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sometimes try to at least capture another ship ( that contains cannons)  it duplicates the ship on the left and the right, i cant go to the pause menu so I'm just stuck as my crew dies from hunger. this also happens a legendary ships it does not happen to a ship that does not contains cannons