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Honestly super excited for this game. If they pull off this game the way I think they're already going to, I may deem it to be my favorite game very soon.

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Possibly having the concept instigated into the game where Enemy pirates have different factions they're in, based on color, logo and name. The faction idea can help to add a sort of narrative in the game that can work in randomly-generated maps (which this game follows) where factions can be randomly generated in fleet strength, appearance and hostility.

The concept can be greatly expanded, if suitable, with things like:

-Being able to join factions

-Being able to create a legion of your own

-Have different islands with shops under control of other factions which you can conquer

-Have factions work on conquest against each other as well

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Quote from: @ deathclaw117

-Different ship parts.  Would love the be able to place iron blocks around places of ammo storage and other parts to be more resistant to cannon fire.  But not something that can be easily obtained.

-Player Creator. Would not mind being able to create how the character looks.

-Paints/Dyes. It be cool if I could customize the ship in a different way then just adding blocks.  Being able to make a paint scheme would be cool if possible.

-Different Places than islands and other ships. Maybe having continents that have larger cities and some interesting buildings.  What I mean by interesting buildings is not just shops but maybe just interesting places too see with people inside them.  Also maybe having the ability to siege a large city would be really awesome but difficult too.  

-Some form of military/police. Be cool to see a different force out on the open seas such as a military either passive or aggressive that can carry a resource of weapons, food, and perks instead of gold.  Also not to be another challenge but maybe make a more unique fighting style or strategy to take.


These all seem like extremely great ideas! 

I especially have a problem with the lack of a Player Creator--having to spending minutes on end clicking "change look" to find the right sound and color and costume and face combo: it's rather frustrating.

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I find that to be an awesome dynamic to add into the game that is, by all means, very "pirate-y".

+1 up for vote on the suggestion