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Unfortunately, 'Host & Play' feature is not supported in Gameiki Mod.  You will have to use the Gameiki Dedicated Server in order to play with your friends.  Using a Gameiki Dedicatad Server will also enable Gameiki tools for you and your friends to use.  Click the link below for a tutorial on how to setup a Gameiki Server.


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Click the link above to download the Gameiki Dedicated Server.

You will receive a zip file.  Extract its ALL contents to any location you desire.

Open TerrariaServer.exe

You will see a window that looks like this.

You can either create or load a world.  if you want to load a world, type the number next to the one you want and press enter.  If you want a new world, type 'n' and then press enter. (Once you create a new world you will have to load it)

You will be prompted for some configuration.

Max Players: How many player can connect to your server.  For deault of 8, just leave the field black and press enter.

Port:  This is the port the server will listen on.  In most cases the default of 7777 is fine.  You can just leave the field blank and press enter for the default

Auto Port Forward:  This option will try to automatically forward the listening port with your UPnP devices.  This option however does not work for most people and port forwarding must be done manually.  We recommend using the default which is yes, so just press enter.

Password:  If you would like your server to password protected, type it now and press enter.  If not, leave the field blank and press enter.

Once your world loads you will be greeted with this screen.  

You'll be coming back here for your auth code once you connect to your server for the first time.

Next, you need to find your IP adress.  if you just want to connect locally then you can just use  However if you want someone from outside your network to be able to connect then you will need to provide them with your public IP address (Internet Protocol Address).  You can find your public IP address with a quick google search.


If people are connecting to you from outside your network you will most likely need to port forward.

Next, open the latest version of Gameiki Mod.  Click 'Mulitplayer and then 'Join'.  Enter your IP address and you should be connected to your server.  Next you need to make an admin account.  First click the Login button at the bottom of the screen, enter new credentials, and click 'Register'.  Now login with your newly created credentials.  Go back to your server console and get your auth code.  Press Enter to bring up the chat bar and type '/auth <Your Auth Code>'.  Congrats you are now an admin on your Gameiki Server.

If your auth code is ever compromised, just restart your server and a new code will be generated.

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Quote from: @ cybrfox

have you guys updated to 1.2.4 yet? id really love to have this mod on the newest version of terraria...

Yes, it's updated for 1.2.4.  We are currently in beta.  Take a look at the first post.  Hope you enjoy.

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Quote from: @ Phoen123

Guys i need help, my gameiki mod installer wont work it says "Unhandled exception has occured"

If the installer is not working, we now provide a direct download.  Go to the thread and click the direct  download link, cheers :)

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Sorry for your problems.  Unistall Gameiki Mod Installer and go grab v1.1 and install it.  If you still have issues, it sounds like your pc is not giving Gameiki the proper permissions to Read/Write to disk.

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Whoa, that is awesome :)

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Unistall Gameiki Mod Installer, then on reinstall uncheck the box that says check for updates on startup.

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Does the installer say v1.1 at the bottom right corner?

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@KBP interesting, thanks for the heads up.
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@KBP do you have any firewalls/anti-virus that could be blocking from connecting to the internet?
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@psramirez if you click ignore, you will not get the latest version.  The latest version will say v1.1 on the bottom right.  Try uninstalling then installing the latest version.
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@FridleyMage thanks.  The installation is supposed to overwrite existing installations.  Everyone's machine is different I suppose.  I'll keep monitoring the issue.
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@psramirez you don't have a system tray or the G icon is not there?  If all else fails use task manager or try restarting your computer.

@r3dback Gameiki mod does not add any special display features.  If normal Terraria supports tri monitor setups, then Gameiki mod should as well.
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@psramirez please ensure that your old version of Gameiki Mod Installer is closed.  if you already snagged the new one, then check your system tray for the G icon.
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@Apex Rise sorry about that, kind of a design flaw.  Gameiki is running in the system tray.  Go to the tray and double click the G icon.  Also you don't Install need to install it to Terraria's directory.  I think you are confusing it with step where once Gameiki Mod Installer is open, you have to navigate the bottom bar to Terraria.exe if it's not already filled in for you.

@Yorget55 is there more you can tell me about the problem you are having?
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We give feedback on this issue in the new Gameiki Mod Installer v1.1
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We don't support creative in multiplayer because of how destructive you can be with it.  We may think about the possibility for custom servers that add creative support.
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Finding block types that are placed in the world is a bit tricky.  Thanks for letting me know, adding it to the bug list.
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Hmmm, I can't seem to recreate the bug.  Grab the the new Gameiki Mod Installer and snag the latest Gameiki Mod and see if that helps.
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Interesting, looking into it.