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Hey, I've been collecting some ideas of some mods i think would be a good addition to the Gameiki mod. 

Creative Multiplayer: creative multiplayer would be allowed by the server admin through the server box. there could be three ranks (guest, default, and admin). guest could not break blocks and not place blocks. default could do everything a regular player can, minus the mod features. the admin rank is the only person who can use the mod to their full advantage to prevent others from destroying your world.
replacing all blocks with another: You could set a mask as ebonstone for example and replace every block with the mask of ebonstone(or which ever block you choose for the mask) with stone(or any other block) to help remove corruption. this could be an effective tool to use when corruption/crimson and hallow is getting in your way.
hiding armors: this would work similarly to the accessory hiding feature in the vanilla game. you could hide your helmet to show off the new hairspray you got from the stylist or if you just like the way your character looks without armor.
spawning mobs: This would be a fun addition to the mod. you could fight 100 eye of Cthulhu's at once, or farm slime's for the slime staff.
quick mining: This increases your block destroy radius when you mine. When you click a block it would also mine all the other block around it in a certain radius.

And by the way, thanks to all of the creators of this mod for all the hard work you have put into it!
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This would greatly improve the Gameiki mod. it would pretty much remove the need to have Tedit.
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Can you add a feature in the Gameiki mod that allows you to easily remove corruption/crimson from your world. Its taken over my base and its really slow work removing it completely.